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hunter house hamburgers

this was an incredible experience. first time eating at hunter house hamburgers  ( i almost wrote "bob's burgers"..anyway). to really enjoy a complete meal and have the best experience, you really need to pair it with a shake/malt and a fried item. tonight, a pairing of chili tater tots and onion rings made the appearance and decided to show up to the dinner party. the cheese burgers had a really non-messy juiciness and rich cheese and grilled onions flavor. dynamite! the hand dipped mint chocolate chip malt was more than satisfactory and the strawberry shake had a super tasty sweet strawberry cream flavor. the service was entertaining. you always get the best service when it's not busy, duh! sombrero dude brought his ace game and tricked us all up with his deck of cards. nice work. the price is verrry affordable. you can totally crush some food, tip appropriately and go home with money in your pocket. very few places in town that offer that type of value AND quality. i'm not into ratings because everyone enjoys different things and have different tastes. these are just my thoughts and observations, feel free to disagree or comment!