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Yesterday was a very satisfying adventure to the new Korean BBQ joint in DTAA. The worst part of this place is the name. Non Japanese guy giving himself a Japanese name and adding it to a Korean restaurant. There's a misconnection somewhere that I don't really understand. ANYWAY, the food and service was equally impressive. The mini dishes that are served with the meal were bottomless so I definitely had to re-up on the salad and the potato thingys. The best way to feed the group of 12 that participated was by ordering the combinations for the 6-8 range and the 4-6 range. There was sooo much meat! All delicious. The marinated short ribs and rib eye were my favorite. I'm so glad there is a worthy place downtown serving up some really great korean bbq. Life is good. The down town area around STATE and LIBERTY is really on the rise. I can't wait to have some fun this summer.