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Wow. Slurping Turtle is da bomb. I've never been to any other restaurants by Takashi but I was more than ready to experience what all of the hype was about. The whiff you get when you walk in is so familiar and authentic. I ordered the tonkotsu ramen. The combination of the pork broth / chashu / handmade noodle etc...delicious. The fresh noodles definitely absorb all of the flavors making each bite a deliciosa experience. You really need to try it yourself if you want some traditional Japanese ramen in the Ann Arbor area. Spicy tuna roll had a pretty good balance of texture and spice. The pieces were all evenly cut which is a detail I always look for in presentation. The highlight for me was the green tea creme puff. I lightly squeezed the pastry to just get a real feel for the texture and I immediately knew it was going to be incredible. The green tea custard was exactly what I needed after a warm meal with rich savory flavors. I will be returning fo sho.

side note: fried brussels sprouts / shallots with a soy glaze.